The NEW BodyWorks Eve is an ultra-realistic female patient simulator designed for interactive Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS) scenario training and our latest version has a host of new features to make your programs even more successful.

Complete with 100 real patient scans and over 10,000 pathology variations across cardiac, lung, transabdominal and pelvic ultrasound, BodyWorks Eve is designed to meet the training needs of healthcare professionals who wish to practise PoCUS in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.

BodyWorks Eve can also be expanded to include a comprehensive education in cardiac anatomy and echocardiography through the addition of HeartWorks TEE & TTE functionality.

With over 100 cases using real patient scans and 10,000 pathology variations, no other patient simulator challenges critical thinking skills better within emergency medicine and critical care.

From picking up a probe for the first time to testing diagnostic skills in simulated scenarios, BodyWorks Eve supports learning in:

  • ELS, FAST, eFAST, FICE and RUSH protocols
  • Probe manipulation skills
  • Recognition of common abnormalities and pathology
  • Assessment skills to guide decisions for patient referral or discharge
  • Doppler and M-mode functions
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Delivering quality Point of Care Ultrasound education
Flexible teaching, supported learning...

BodyWorks Eve provides access to real patient-based training where doctors can work through cases independently and at their own pace. Over 100 patient cases using real patient scans will develop diagnostic skills and recognition of common abnormalities in emergency medicine to guide evaluation and decision making for patient referral or discharge.

Extend learning of complex diagnoses through scenarios

The Instructor Tablet enables the tutor to run scenarios ‘on the fly’ and easily change the patient’s condition and level of severity to test assessment and decision-making skills.

Perform true-to-life patient examinations

Scan in real-time from the clavicle to the pelvis with seamless transition between cardiac and abdominal probes. Multiple pathology models have been created to facilitate the ultrasound evaluation of patients with structural and functional disturbances

BodyWorks Probe
NEW Customisable patient lists

This new feature allows tutors to create their own patient cases from any of the pathologies on the system and create tailored clinical information.
Tutors can easily access their own customised patients from the tablet, making exams highly variable in content and simple to run.

NEW Patient cases

• Renal mass (renal cell carcinoma)
• Consolidated lung
• 11-week IUP with heartbeat
• Pancreatic mass

Implement protocols into your programs

Scan patient cases pre-grouped into Emergency Medicine protocols e.g. eFAST.

NEW Patient appearance enhancements

• Realistic lungs, including lung point, barcode sign, seashore sign, A-Lines and general appearance of the lungs.
• All pleural fluid cases
• Cholecystitis
• AAA cases
• Diaphragm
• Dilated CBD
• Liver metastases (increased number of lesions)

Expand your trainining further with TEE & TTE

HeartWorks is recognised globally as the leading simulation solution for education in cardiac anatomy and echocardiography, and can be integrated into BodyWorks Eve. When practising TTE and TEE probe handling skills, trainees can observe probe positioning in relation to the virtual, beating 3D heart with effects on imaging in real time. Doppler modalities (CFM, PWD, CWD) and M-mode are available along with the tools with which to make accurate quantitative assessment.

Improving quality of diagnosis in patient care
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Heart & Lung
Multiple pathology models have been created to facilitate the ultrasound evaluation of patients with structural and functional disturbances. Over 100 patient cases for self-directed learning and tutor-led scenarios support the PoCUS curriculum in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care.
Engaging and dynamic learning
Our easy-to-use operating tablets enable the tutor to create engaging and dynamic scenarios to deliver highly effective simulation-based training. Clinical realism is greatly enhanced while critical thinking and patient management skills are extensively challenged.
BodyWorks Eve iPad Kidney
The Instructor Tablet enables the tutor to run scenarios 'on the fly' and easily change the patient's condition and level of severity to test assessment and decision-making skills.  
BodyWorks Facilitator Pad
The iSimulate Facilitator Pad allows the tutor to change vital signs including heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and EKG to increase the complexity of the scenario.
BodyWorks Patient Monitor
The iSimulate Patient Monitor is wirelessly linked to the Facilitator Tablet to display the physiological changes being made by the tutor during the scenario.
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