The HeartWorks Student Assessment and Review Tool (START) is an effective software tool to test students’ performance of TEE and TTE procedures including interpretation of acquired ultrasound images, measurement and calculation of indices of cardiac function.

Retaining the full functionality of the HeartWorks system, tutors can create standardised or customised tests for students to demonstrate that defined competencies have been achieved.

The HeartWorks simulator has provided the final link in our assessments. We can create a set protocol for the exam to be taken on the simulator, which ensures a standardised benchmark for all candidates to achieve.
Ms. Jane Lynch
Chair of the Accreditation Committee
British Society of Echocardiography
  • Assess quality and accuracy of images captured
  • Assess knowledge and correct interpretation of images
  • Assess use of Doppler and M-mode functions for accurate quantitative assessment of cardiac function
  • Student data log for a comprehensive debrief
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Supporting certification and accreditation processes
Establishing standards in competencies

The HeartWorks START assessment tool is more than a test setting program.  It allows students to learn from the examination process and will complement your echocardiography educational programs.

Setting and Marking Tests

Tutors can create standardised or customised tests setting tasks for students such as:

  • Capture specified images with or without Doppler or M-mode
  • Set interpretative questions and quantitative tasks relating to the acquired images

Tests can be saved, annotated and archived to allow for a quality debrief. Intuitive START software makes setting and making tests quick and easy.

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Quality Debriefing

Both students and tutors can retrieve test data anywhere through their secure log in and review all aspects of the test for a comprehensive debrief.

The full HeartWorks system functionality is retained allowing the tutor to interject at any point of the student’s recorded image captures to demonstrate specific teaching points and corrections.

The Debrief START
Student Management Database

Tutors can access the administration database to measure students’ progress by referencing past tests that have been stored in the system. New students can be easily enrolled and assigned a range of tests that have been created.

HeartWorks START
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Setting a test
Taking a test
Debriefing a test
The Complete Training System

HeartWorks offers a range of ultrasound simulators including the HeartWorks Dual simulator for teaching both TEE and TTE together in one manikin.

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HeartWorks offers an extensive range of pathology models for TEE, TTE and lung ultrasound to facilitate the ultrasound evaluation of patients with structural and functional disturbances of the heart and lungs.

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Our Support Plans give you access to new pathological model releases, Doppler imaging and measurement tool enhancements, as well as anatomical and software updates.

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British Society of Echocardiography establish standards in TOE accreditation through simulation.
Ms. Jane Lynch, Expert Cardiac Physiologist, from University Hospital of South Manchester (UK) and Chair of the Accreditation Committee at the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE) looks at the challenges of TOE education and how simulation can play a key role within current training pathways and certification.

 “Clinical training in transoesophageal echocardiography (TOE) is still mainly ‘on the job’, says Ms. Lynch commenting on the current provision of training in UK hospitals today…

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