The ORSIM Bronchoscopy Simulator provides comprehensive training for a common diagnostic procedure, which until now has required lengthy specialist training.

The range of high definition virtual anatomy and pathology allows users to develop the skills, dexterity and knowledge to operate a clinical flexible bronchoscope to the highest standard.

ORSIM Laptop Screen
The ORSIM has been a great educational resource for the anaesthetic department. It has been used extensively by consultants, trainees and medical students and the vast majority seem very impressed by it.
Dr. Oliver Hargrove
Consultant Anaesthetist
King's College Hospital, London
  • Learn wide-ranging anatomy and pathology
  • Improve bronchoscopy probe dexterity
  • Multiple clinical scenarios support development of diagnostic skills
  • Instant feedback measures and assists student progress to high levels of competency
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Key features of the ORSIM
Realistic Graphics

The ORSIM Bronchoscopy Simulator is an innovative product designed to improve bronchoscope dexterity  through hands-on training. High definition virtual modelling of a range of anatomy and pathology scenarios facilitates bronchoscope dexterity as well as building experience and knowledge.

ORSIM Screenshot
Multiple Scenarios

The user can progress through a range of upper and lower airway scenarios receiving instant feedback as well as scoring metrics, recording and play-back. Virtual format enables part task training and promotes skill development and dexterity with a fully functional bronchoscope as well as providing an economical and safe solution to training.

ORSIM Demonstration

A robust training tool, it enables self-directed, patient free and tutor free learning. The result is significant cost savings in terms of training time and training resources. Based on its size, simplicity and economy, the ORSIM is suitable for large training organizations as well as individual practices.

ORSIM Demonstration

Due to its small scale and laptop compatibility, it can be stored near the OR for regular use and easily transported to classrooms, training facilities and conferences.

ORSIM Hand Held Probe
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Virtual Simulation
Recording and Evaluation
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