ScanTrainer Cloud offers users a ground-breaking range of new features and educational tools that will expand the teaching scope and learning potential for both the tutor and the trainee. Available as a multi-year subscription service, ScanTrainer Cloud gives a number of key benefits as well as offering the unique ability to upload your own scans to create lessons and tailored teaching programs with Case Generator.
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“The ability to link the training between our Higher Education Institution department and ScanTrainer’s Cloud-based software provides a genuinely ground-breaking solution.”
Dr. Vivien Gibbs
Medical Ultrasound Programme Manager

Learn anytime, anywhere… Teach anytime, anywhere

With remote access, your trainees can access the system’s extensive learning resources from their PC, laptop or tablet to carry out pre-learning or revision.

Likewise, remote access allows tutors to set tasks and review trainees’ progress at a time and place to suit them and their busy schedules!

Share patient cases and lessons

Linking multiple ScanTrainer systems enables seamless training across all systems, no matter the geographical distances.

Access ScanTrainer Cloud
Increasing the educational potential of your Scantrainer system
Upload your own scans and create patient cases
Case Generator is a unique feature of the ScanTrainer Cloud service. By enabling tutors to upload their own scans and create patient cases, bespoke training programs can be created, which address the specific teaching points a tutor may wish to make. * Patient cases can be generated from GE Voluson and Toshiba Aplio 500 / 400 / 300 series ultrasound machines.  
TV OB Real Patient Scans
Share your case studies
Tutors can choose to publish their cases locally for sole use by their own trainees, or share globally with other ScanTrainer Cloud users around the world via the Cloud Case Library.
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Improve diagnostic skills with ScanTrainer Examine
ScanTrainer Examine is a Cloud-based service giving access to a continuously growing Case Library of normal and abnormal cases which have been created using real patient scans. Designed to support the assessment processes and responsibilities of teaching hospitals and professional examination bodies, ScanTrainer Examine will comprehensively test a clinician’s diagnostic skills. Find out more...
ScanTrainer Cloud Case Library
Increase trainees' access to an extensive range of pathology
The ScanTrainer Case Library contains over 600 patient cases including 300+ structured cases for trainees to learn to recognise and diagnose pathology. A selection of patient case exams that use multiple choice questions puts a student’s diagnostic skills to the ultimate test.
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supporting hospitals, teaching schools and regulatory bodies
Any hospital group, regional, national or international training body can now implement standardised training programs with centralised access to results and certification records. Remote access capabilities allow independent reviewers to access examination data, assess saved images, offer off-site pass or fail and detailed feedback.
Tutor reviewing results

Remote access to data

Tutors can set tasks and review trainees’ progress from any PC, laptop or tablet.

Student using Cloud

Centralised Results

Trainees can access ScanTrainer’s extensive learning resources as well as their test results from any site.

Multi-frequency medical device for ultrasound scanner diagnostics

Setting standards for clinical practice

The opportunity to create and implement standardised tests allows hospitals and professional groups to define levels of competence and certify that these have been achieved.

Create your own lessons... design your own curricula....
ScanTrainer Cloud makes it easy for you to create your own patient cases and design your own curricula. It takes just three simple steps...
Ultrasound Technician and Patient

Take a 3D single sweep scan and upload the data file into the Case Generator to create a ScanTrainer patient case with virtual anatomy and haptic feel.

ScanTrainer Cloud Case Library

Publish your new patient case locally for sole use by your own trainees or globally in the ScanTrainer Case Library.

ScanTrainer Training

Set new patient cases for your students to extend their learning and practice.

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