ScanTrainer Examine brings all the newly mastered theoretical and practical ultrasound skills together into an assessment tool to test students’ diagnostic skills in transvaginal (TV) and transabdominal (TA) ultrasound.

The continuously growing Case Library of over 600 patient cases offers students extensive opportunities for case learning and diagnostic assessment of patients with wide-ranging pathology.

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ScanTrainer is very much central to our strategy for ultrasound learning, teaching and assessment and we’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do.
Heather Venables
Professional Lead for Medical Ultrasound
University of Derby
  • Test students’ theoretical understanding of TV and TA ultrasound
  • Test students’ scanning skills for quality image acquisition
  • Test students’ ability to recognise pathology
  • Test students’ diagnostic skills
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Learn diagnostic skills with ScanTrainer Examine
Case Learning

ScanTrainer Examine includes a cloud-based Case Library, which allows students to develop their diagnostic skills independently and without assistance from the system’s ScanTutor, a feature of ScanTrainer that supports guided practice in the early stages of learning scanning skills. It gives access to extensive and varied pathology across multiple clinical specialities enabling students to experience real-world patient cases that may otherwise take years to encounter in the real clinical setting.

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Easy access to extensive pathology in the Case Library

Over 600 real patient scans in the Case Library provide on demand access to abnormalities and varied pathology. Additionally, over 300 structured patient cases take students through the stages of patient assessment to final diagnoses.

TV Split screen with measurements ovary endometrioma with control panal
Case Exams

A number of case exams have been designed to test a student’s competency and confidence in ultrasound practice with patient cases that use multiple-choice questions to test the accuracy and certainty of their diagnoses.

ScanTrainer Cloud Case Library
Real Haptic-Feel Technology

ScanTrainer haptic simulators for transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound training create ‘virtual’ patients whose shape, position and feel change with every patient case. ScanTrainer Transabdominal and Transvaginal simulators along with Cloud access must be purchased with ScanTrainer Examine.

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Patient Examinations across clinical disciplines
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ScanTrainer Simulators

ScanTrainer Educational Modules have been designed for use on ScanTrainer haptic simulators for transvaginal and transabdominal ultrasound.

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“Ultrasound forms an integral part of our patient consultation and diagnosis process. In the past we have faced challenges when it comes to training on live patients, and ScanTrainer offers us a true-to-life, self-directed learning solution for our clinicians to acquire the ultrasound skills they need and grow their confidence in transvaginal scanning…

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