Integrated into ScanTrainer’s core and advanced educational modules, our unique real-time ‘virtual’ tutor replicates learning one-to-one with an expert, allowing for a truly self-directed learning experience. Trainees will be able to acquire complex, hard-to-learn ultrasound scanning skills in their own time and at their own pace.

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No other simulator can make learning ultrasound this easy!
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From picking up a probe for the first time to acquiring quality ultrasound images and taking measurements for accurate diagnoses, ScanTutor is our unique ‘virtual’ tutor providing the most effective and unparalleled learning experience available for a comprehensive education in sonography.

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How Scantutor supports independent learning...
Learn the theory

ScanTrainer’s core and advanced educational modules come with a range of learning resources that the trainee can study before beginning practical sessions on the simulator.
These include:

  • Expert videos for each assignment.
  • Scanning technique schematics
  • Comprehensive text book style references and notes
  • Remote access to learning resources.
Put theory into practice

ScanTutor provides real-time on screen guidance, which helps the trainee learn to:

  • Correctly manipulate the probe
  • Acquire quality images
  • Identify structures
  • Take measurements for accurate diagnosis
ScanTutor Real-Time On-Screen Visual Guidance
Self-check your performance

After each lesson, trainees can switch off ScanTutor and test their own skills performance against set metrics. If they do not master the lesson first time, they can switch ScanTutor back on to go over key learning points, take the test again and then move onto the next lesson.

TVS Results
Take a closer look...
Expert Video: Measurement of the crown rump length
Expert Video: Visualisation of liver segments
Success is in the detail and ScanTutor has many useful features designed to make learning ultrasound on our simulators engaging, intuitive and effective.
Mock-up traffic light
Correct probe positioning and orientation are shown using a 'traffic light' display on the virtual patient.
Making measurements with on screen spheres
On-screen spheres indicate correct positioning of callipers when measurements are being attempted.
TA Control Traffic Lights
Image optimisation - correct positioning of the key ultrasound controls is also shown with 'traffic light' indicators.
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