To ensure safe patient examinations, simulated ultrasound practice comes into its own when teaching invasive transvaginal (TV) scanning procedures.

Providing a comprehensive and fully supportive self-directed educational experience, ScanTrainer helps trainees build confidence in this hard-to-learn skill and allows them to demonstrate the required levels of competence prior to scanning real patients.

ScanTrainer Transvaginal Simulator
Since implementing ScanTrainer into our programs, not a single student has failed the transvaginal obstetrics and gynaecology module.
Naomi Brown
Senior Lecturer and Ultrasound Course Lead
University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Learn TV probe handling skills to acquire accurate, diagnostic ultrasound images
  • Identify and interpret image relationships between anatomy and ultrasound views​
  • Recognise pathology relevant to obstetrics and gynaecological practice
  • Learn and enhance diagnostic skills
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key features of scantrainer transvaginal simulator
Real-feel haptic technology

The real-feel transvaginal haptic uses force feedback technology to replicate the ‘feel’ of what it is like to scan a real patient. The endo-cavity haptic will track the movement of the probe to measure a trainees’ performance and technique and then provide feedback.

ScanTrainer Equipment
Real patient scans

Full anatomy real patient scans replicate what a student would see on a real ultrasound machine concurrent with ALL planes movement with the probe haptic. Doppler functions allow students to practice taking measurements.

TV GYN Real Patient Scans Ovary with color
Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) is the personalised platform through which users can easily access the extensive functionality of ScanTrainer. Tutors can use the LMS to keep track of trainees’ progress and set up customised learning programs, while trainees can access their modules and track their individual progress.

Core GYN Early Pregnancy Course Progress
Upload your own scans and create patient cases

Case Generator, which is part of our ScanTrainer Cloud, enables tutors to upload their own scans and create their own patient cases, allowing for further transvaginal scanning opportunities for trainees and increased variety of abnormalities and pathology.
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ScanTrainer TV Cart
Learn diagnostic skills

ScanTrainer Examine brings all newly mastered theoretical and practical ultrasound skills together into an assessment tool to test students’ diagnostic skills in transvaginal ultrasound.
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ScanTrainer Examine Cogs
ScanTrainer TV Portable

Run your TV ultrasound training programs anywhere! The ScanTrainer Transvaginal Simulator is also available in a smaller, portable version. Replacing the desktop computer configuration, with a touch-screen laptop and detachable second screen, tutors and trainees can now run workshops or work through their training programs anywhere.

Portable ScanTrainer TV
educational modules for tv ultrasound
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Emergency Medicine
Extensive educational modules and training programmes for clinicians and sonographers wishing to learn transvaginal ultrasound are available for use with ScanTrainer to teach core and advanced scanning skills in a range of scenarios.
self-directed learning with help from an expert!
Integrated into every ScanTrainer educational module, our unique real-time virtual tutor replicates learning one-to-one with an expert, allowing for a truly self-directed learning experience. Trainees will be able to acquire complex, hard-to-learn ultrasound scanning skills in their own time and at their own pace.
TV OB Real-time on-screen visual guidance
Real-time on-screen visual guidance helps the trainee to orientate the probe, identify structures and take measurements.
TV Anatomy Traffic
The trainee's TV haptic probe movements are shown in real-time with traffic light indicators displaying correct and incorrect positioning.
TVS Results
Skills assessment after each lesson is comprehensive with Gold Standard metrics set within every test. Detailed feedback demonstrates correct and incorrect practice for each task.
It’s like learning with a real expert and it’s available 24/7!
The NEW ScanTrainer Cart…


ScanTrainer TV Cart

The ScanTrainer mobile cart for the TV simulator system features two touchscreen displays, single power cable connectivity and is height adjustable for ergonomic ultrasound training.

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ScanTrainer Training


University of Hertfordshire achieves 100% transvaginal pass rate with ScanTrainer
The University of Hertfordshire needed an advanced simulation solution to counter the lack of clinical practice opportunities for its ultrasound students. Since implementing a ScanTrainer Transvaginal Simulator (TVS), student confidence levels are at an all-time high …

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